TLC Love Swing Black Sex Toy Product

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TLC Love Swing Black

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Product Details

  • Weight: 8.50 lbs
  • Materials: Neoprene
    Neoprene - A synthetic rubber that is resistant to oil, heat, and weathering.
  • Color: Black
  • Manufacturer: Topco Sales
  • UPC: 051021145171
  • SKU: CNVEF-ETS1014517
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Product Description

Hundreds of combinations of positions for one or two people. Soft padded stirrups for feet, ankles, calves, or thighs. Soft padded stirrups for back and butt supports are fully adjustable. Fully adjustable, extra wide, ballistic weave nylon straps for maximum comfort. Fully adjustable hanging hardware for different heights and bounce Weight limit is 200lbs when it hangs from the spring. If you take the spring off, the weight limit is 400lbs.
16 Reviews
VGG Verified Buyer
May 20, 2011
We would definately buy again! This allows you to do so much more and achieve so many different angles instead of the same ole same ole positions which are fun but this just enhances it. Swing her back and forth, side to side and up and down with the included spring. We mounted it with the included I-Hook on our ceiling and then just hang a plant from it when not in use to avoid family etc from knowing what it's really used for. If you've never tried a swing, trust us buy one. This was our first swing and we just tried it out last night and WOW!!!!! C
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Mar 29, 2011
Fun for Anyone!
This sex swing is one of the greatest additions my husband and I have brought into the bedroom. With it, we are able to add some WONDERFUL variety to our sex life. Everyone should absolutely give a sex swing a whirl!!
Hardstrokes Verified Buyer
Mar 7, 2011
Great Purchase
We have sex parties very often at our home so my wife decided to purchase one to spice things up. We love it.Guys line up in a circle and spin my wife around and fuck her one after another. When there finished with her I climb in and enjoy all the Bi guys banging my ass. Highly recommend to anyone that wants to spice up the party.
Staff Pick - Justin Verified Buyer
Jan 18, 2010
Staff Review
Topco Sales Love Swing is the standard, must have sex swing for adults. Just because your older and wiser doesn't mean you have to miss out on recess! With this sex playground spice up that traditional missionary/doggie position with some acrobatic moves. Take out this intensely pleasing system and follow the detailed instructions for assembly. Once the hardware is mounted to the wall grab your partner and prepare to squat, spin and swing. This is the wildride you never knew existed. The seat and straps are made of neoprene, a soft, waterproof material that is machine washable and extremely durable. This naughty gear does take time to master, but no doubt you'll be a professional swinger after go or two!
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Dec 23, 2009
Greatest invention ever!
This is by far THE greatest invention EVER! It makes any position possible for anyone. My husband has back pain so sometimes even the simplest positions cause him discomfort, but not anymore. Now we can go all night if we want and try all those positions we see in the movies. It's well worth the price it's durable and can hold both of our weight without breaking or tearing. We LOVE ours, so get one for yourselves.
Tommy Verified Buyer
Jul 16, 2008
Review of TO1451-7
The swing is an excellent conversation piece and is great at parties. It is great for getting into different sexual positions and is worth the price paid.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Sep 5, 2006
Review of TO1451-7
This product is great. I am a gay guy, who has a beautiful bf living with me. I bought the swing for his birthday. As soon as he opened it, he put me in it, and went to it. He was able to access my anal hole a lot easier, and do more with it. It also allowed him to put my dick in a lot of positions that are fun for the both of us. The fun only gets better when you add handcuffs, and more than two people!!
i like big girls Verified Buyer
Nov 16, 2005
Review of TO1451-7
This is great. I love big girls and this can hold them. I have never heard a complaint from one of my girls. In fact, they say they like it better and their stomachs do not get in the way. May be one of the best sex toys ever
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Nov 5, 2005
Review of TO1451-7
This swing works wonderfully, Im 56 and my beautiful partner is 510, so previously some positions were impossible for us. The swing eliminates this. I would recommend purchasing a stand for it as well, we mounted it to a stud in the ceiling, and watched as the whole ceiling flexed when we played. Other than that, some of the best sex weve ever had!
Sara Verified Buyer
Oct 6, 2005
Review of TO1451-7
I used this swing at a swingers club, and it was ok. At three hundred pounds, the straps that you lowered yourself into were quite uncomfortable after a few minutes of suspension. For anyone using it I recommended placing a pillow over the straps. It was a fanastic floating feeling though, and very easy for the guy to manuever me. We tried in a quasi missionary position and all he had to do was swing me to and from him. The sturrups were great for putting my feet/ankles in so neither of us had to hold them. However, I was afraid that if I let go of the main straps I would fall backward tangled up in them. Overall, it was pretty good, perhaps more comfortable for someone a bit lighter.
B GUESS Verified Buyer
Oct 4, 2005
Review of TO1451-7
This swing worked as expected and was very fun to play around on. It was easy to use and very adjustable for the person. The price was actually cheaper than expected for a swing of this nature. We tried it out while out on our enclosed deck next to our pool. We really had a blast except for one thing that kept our attention preoccupied and that is how the straps can actually be uncomfortable especially the harder you play. For the price, we coule live with the little bit of discomfort or add cushion ourselves to correct this problem.
deepnu Verified Buyer
Sep 24, 2005
Review of TO1451-7
My girlfriend had one of these an let me tell you what, i could open her legs so wide an see her wet cunt lips just ozzing her cunt juice an good eating position, then i fucked her wideopen an she couldnt pull away, an in the doggystyle position, she could fuck for hours cause it held her weight up, and i could push her cunt away an slam it back onto my cock, all the way up to my nuts,when im shooting my cumm, i just stand back while shes still in the swing an watch it shoot all over her cunt or ass, which ever posiotion shes in, or get under neath an catch my cumm in my mout and lick it back on her cunt thats still wide open an ozzing onto the floor....but this its GREAT fucking SWING.
connie Verified Buyer
Aug 14, 2005
Review of TO1451-7
I just wanted to say that I was very disappointed with the love swing and I would not recommend buying it. I was very excited to finally get it after wanting it for a long time and when I went to use it I had the hardest time trying to adjust everything and was very uncomfortable that I stopped using it and have never touched it again. Also every time you try to switch positions you have to go through a whole ordeal and readjust everything and all the straps that by the time you get everything just right you have lost interest and it is like starting all over again. I definitly would recommend spending your money on another sex toy or product!
Clarissa Verified Buyer
Aug 7, 2005
Review of TO1451-7
Brad(my boyfriend), Caprice(who is married to Brad and also my sister), and me loooove this swing! it was most exciting for us if brad was in the swing and caprice and i took turns fucking and sucking him while the other gave him many other erotic pleasures.. one problem though were the uncomfortable staps... it was difficult for caprice and i to cling on to him without hurting our tits or cunts...
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Jul 8, 2005
Review of TO1451-7
sxygirl Verified Buyer
Mar 1, 2005
Review of TO1451-7
Recently purchased this product and now were wondering why we waited so long! Its fantastic! So many positions that were a little awkward or uncomfortable before are now so easy to do and enjoy! Its easy to put up, use, and take down, not to mention the sex is hot! Definitely worth the money!